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Living Ink
eyes green alnia ace darkeyes

Living Ink

A blank page, an empty space.

What do I say? What do I write?

A thousand stories, a million words,

They pour forth like the songs of birds.

There is ink in my blood and worlds in my head

How do I put them on paper instead?

My pens my sword,

My mind the key.

With them I create words that could fill a sea.


From a bare world of white

Arise creatures of terrible might!

Lines grow knights, ready to fight.

With my mind I envision,

Problems, worries, love and decisions,

Mountains, hills, streams and valleys,

Cities, houses, streets and alleys.


Like windows to a universe inside,

Words are a picture of the mind.

Thoughts put down,

A hearts signature signed.

I thank You, the One who made me,

You are all I need.

Tis to you I write,

My Lord and my Light.

-Grace R. Lindeman


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