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Cold Snow - Cold Weather - Cold Hands
eyes green alnia ace darkeyes

Have I mentioned that I'm going to be an aunt? Yes, indeed. Next April to be exact.

At the moment I am in Minnesota, USA. What am I doing here, you ask? Well, the same thing I was doing the other two times I've been here. I am helping out a friend of mine: http://graceandrew.blogspot.com/ who's husband died of cancer when I was last visiting. I've been watching her two kids (4 & 5 years old) so she can have a break.

The surprising thing about Minnesota is that it's just as cold (if not colder) as Canada. At least where I am from. When I left home on the 20th of November there was no snow and I found mounds of it here.

I started NaNoWriMo this year http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user%252F591206 and... didn't finish. I really thought I would. But I gave up even though I had 12,000 words left. It was an old story idea, called "Between the Shadows" that is meant to be dreary and sad because I came up with it when I was dreary and sad. A dramatic romantic is what it is.
I'll finish it some day (hopefully sooner than later.)

I love salad. Good salads with meat and cheese and bacon-bits and lots of lettuce. You know what would be marvellous right about now? Warm chocolate chip cookies. Mhmm.

Writing: well, haven't done enough of it. That's the short and the long of it. I'm thinking I'm going to higher an editor for my first book "Silver Blood" as soon as I can afford it. Christmas shopping is coming up though, so I'm not sure how long that'll be. Christmas shopping can be so much fun though, especially when you know exactly what to get for people.

Oh! I just remembered some exciting news! I'm getting my poem "I'll Be What I Am" published in the winter issue of the "Starsong." http://www.writtenworldcommunications.com/content/magazines.html
It's these little things that keep me going and writing even when people tell me it's impossible.

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Oh it is possible and you should believe in it and do whatever it takes to make your dream come true, if you really want it!

When your book will be finished and printed, don't forget to mention it here- I'm going to buy it for sure!

Good luck on your writing! :)

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