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Life At the Moment
eyes green alnia ace darkeyes

So, I have been told I ought to post an LJ. So here is one!

Things have been crazy busy. Working and sleeping and eating occasionally. I had a job watching an old lady in the hospital but she was moved somewhere else and so now I'm going to meet another lady today who has Alzheimer’s and I might be taking care of her a few nights a week. Also have a cleaning job once a week or so, besides the painting job I do five days a week.

So, I am extremely sad to say I have done next to NO writing in the past month. Makes me depressed; how is it possible to live without writing? It isn't!

I've become involved in this website: http://www.calebbreakey.com/2010/08/hello-world/ and sent some of my writing to him. Sounds like it's going to be fun!

I also drew and painted this picture after going to the first of the two funerals I've been to in the last two weeks http://alnia.deviantart.com/art/Seasons-Meet-178982614?q=&qo=

One funeral was for a friend who was only 19, I've known him for as long as I can remember. If you had told me three weeks ago he would be dead two weeks later I'd have said that was the silliest thing I'd ever heard.

So, I'll be starting this writing course http://www.institutechildrenslit.com/index.htm sometime soon, only one in five people get in so I was very happy I did. My sister in law (who is also interested in writing) did it and said she really found her writing improved.

I've also begun teaching three of my siblings a writing course my Mom has. Us kids are homeschooled.

Oh! Last month I sent out a query letter to a publisher, we'll see how that goes...

So! That's a brief update on my life at the moment, I'll write a much more detailed version of something later.

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Hey! I just realized how long ago I should have replied to this *Fail* -_-

I read it and, that's awesome! Isn't it exciting to get things in print, even if it's just online? :D

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