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eyes green alnia ace darkeyes

*Sighs heavily* Hello world.

I'm in a fix, I finished writing the eighth chapter of my second book [you don't need to remind me how late it is :/ ] and now I am writing the ninth. And I have reached a problem. It has to do with story details. Normally, I don't come across too many times where I don't know what I want to write because I used to think about a story extensively before writing it down. But these days, I think about other things and so end up with glitches in story particulars.

Also, what's with Blog Spot and Wordpress? I get this feeling that I ought to have accounts with them since there are writers and friends with blogs there that I want to keep track of and communicate with. It seems silly though, to create so many blogs. This LJ happens to be my fourth.
The first being my hotmail one from when I was 12 (we won't go there O_O) and another being my previous LJ which bothered me because of how much personal information it contained and my pointless rants. And yet another was a MySpace which was boring and had no use. I don't think it exists anymore, haven't checked in awhile...

I have this thought (it might be faulty, I am unsure) that it would be so very irresponsible of me to create so many blogs. It's not like I'm giving up on this one (far from it) I'm just not sure what I'd do with the others. My past abandoned blogs make me sad because they are dead and have ended before my life has. And what would the others be if not unused potential or an empty shell?
I could always post the same blog on all of them, but that just seems so… well, I cannot find the word.

On other news, I have the whole house mostly to myself this week! My family went camping and it's only one of my older brothers and I home. Lots of time to write :) Too much time to run into glitches :(

Anyway, what are your guys opinions of blogs and which sites do you find are the best?

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Personally I've got 3 ad a half active blogs- here on LJ, then Multiply (and, personally, I absolutely love that place, so many features, like, creating you're own home page or smth ^^ And easy to use!). Then I have one blog in blog.com, but I haven't updated it for a while. And that half of the blog is a place for our writing forum, I do write there, but mostly not about my life, but writing and forum stuff. :)

Personally I think that a person shouldn't create to many blogs. A blog is a place where you should express your thoughts and what is going on in your life or whatever you want, but, if you have too many blogs, eventually some of them die, because a person can't be so active in all of them.

Better have some blogs. Don't have a lot of them. But the best is too have two blogs. One for yourself and friends and people you want to share your life with, and other for public, as a writer. That is, if you want to get public yourself.

I, personally, suggest Multiply! ^_^

I know exactly what you mean. I have 4 blogs (probably more, but never actually posted on any of them). One's my original LJ account, which is yeah, filled with pointless rants (don't update anymore). And then this LJ account, which is a mix of pointless rants and other stuff. Another's my blogger account (http://vertimyst.blogspot.com), which I don't update anymore. And finally, a test Wordpress blog on my old site (offline now).

What I do is use Windows Live Writer to post to all my blogs at once. Or at least, that's what I plan to do if I ever have to. :P

My personal favorite is Wordpress. Not the site, but the platform. I just download it and set it up myself on my website. (like what I'm working on here: http://blog.vertimystsolutions.com). I'm going to do that for myself soon, and and use WLW to post to there, and here (since everybody I know mostly has their blogs here).

I have never counted how many blogs I have.
But there are many.
They are Legion.

And I think I've used most platforms, too, including Wordpress, Lj, Blogger, etc.

Too many is too many *shame*
Oh well. I'm over it.
Mostly I don't use ANY blogs in any sort of consistent way. But when I DO blog, it's either on LJ here, or down at my first, and main, wordpress blog. Lj is my writing blog, and wordpress is my personal one. I figure that's enough of a category break-up, even though they overlap lots ^_^

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