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Living Ink
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Living Ink

A blank page, an empty space.

What do I say? What do I write?

A thousand stories, a million words,

They pour forth like the songs of birds.

There is ink in my blood and worlds in my head

How do I put them on paper instead?

My pens my sword,

My mind the key.

With them I create words that could fill a sea.


From a bare world of white

Arise creatures of terrible might!

Lines grow knights, ready to fight.

With my mind I envision,

Problems, worries, love and decisions,

Mountains, hills, streams and valleys,

Cities, houses, streets and alleys.


Like windows to a universe inside,

Words are a picture of the mind.

Thoughts put down,

A hearts signature signed.

I thank You, the One who made me,

You are all I need.

Tis to you I write,

My Lord and my Light.

-Grace R. Lindeman

2011, Happy New Year!
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What do ordinary people do when they are frustrated or emotional? Me, I write and I really have no idea how else to deal with it. Writing is my outlet.  ‎"If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad." ~Lord Byron

I am going to be a junior editor for a homeschooling magazine that a friend of mine bought. I'll be writing reviews and editing articles that I send to another editor with more experience. It's exactly what I need. I hope to get as much experience as possible in the literary field.

At the moment I am home in Canada but I've been crazy busy, there always seems to be things to do. I have continued to write "Between the Shadows" and I believe I'm on a roll. I hope to finish it in the next few months (maybe sooner.)

I trust you all had a good Christmas and New Year?
2011, you came sooner than I expected.
This is my eighteenth year and I mean to make the best of it!

More news: my family is moving. We've talked of it for several years but now it's becoming reality and we will be moving back to the province I grew up in. I've missed it. 


"Writing is the fun part, editing makes you wonder what was wrong with you when you wrote it..." - Karoline Bondyra

"You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about." – Nick Reed

"Many books require no thought from those who read them, and for a very simple reason. They made no such demand upon those who wrote them." ~Charles Caleb Colton


Cold Snow - Cold Weather - Cold Hands
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Have I mentioned that I'm going to be an aunt? Yes, indeed. Next April to be exact.

At the moment I am in Minnesota, USA. What am I doing here, you ask? Well, the same thing I was doing the other two times I've been here. I am helping out a friend of mine: http://graceandrew.blogspot.com/ who's husband died of cancer when I was last visiting. I've been watching her two kids (4 & 5 years old) so she can have a break.

The surprising thing about Minnesota is that it's just as cold (if not colder) as Canada. At least where I am from. When I left home on the 20th of November there was no snow and I found mounds of it here.

I started NaNoWriMo this year http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user%252F591206 and... didn't finish. I really thought I would. But I gave up even though I had 12,000 words left. It was an old story idea, called "Between the Shadows" that is meant to be dreary and sad because I came up with it when I was dreary and sad. A dramatic romantic is what it is.
I'll finish it some day (hopefully sooner than later.)

I love salad. Good salads with meat and cheese and bacon-bits and lots of lettuce. You know what would be marvellous right about now? Warm chocolate chip cookies. Mhmm.

Writing: well, haven't done enough of it. That's the short and the long of it. I'm thinking I'm going to higher an editor for my first book "Silver Blood" as soon as I can afford it. Christmas shopping is coming up though, so I'm not sure how long that'll be. Christmas shopping can be so much fun though, especially when you know exactly what to get for people.

Oh! I just remembered some exciting news! I'm getting my poem "I'll Be What I Am" published in the winter issue of the "Starsong." http://www.writtenworldcommunications.com/content/magazines.html
It's these little things that keep me going and writing even when people tell me it's impossible.

Life At the Moment
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So, I have been told I ought to post an LJ. So here is one!

Things have been crazy busy. Working and sleeping and eating occasionally. I had a job watching an old lady in the hospital but she was moved somewhere else and so now I'm going to meet another lady today who has Alzheimer’s and I might be taking care of her a few nights a week. Also have a cleaning job once a week or so, besides the painting job I do five days a week.

So, I am extremely sad to say I have done next to NO writing in the past month. Makes me depressed; how is it possible to live without writing? It isn't!

I've become involved in this website: http://www.calebbreakey.com/2010/08/hello-world/ and sent some of my writing to him. Sounds like it's going to be fun!

I also drew and painted this picture after going to the first of the two funerals I've been to in the last two weeks http://alnia.deviantart.com/art/Seasons-Meet-178982614?q=&qo=

One funeral was for a friend who was only 19, I've known him for as long as I can remember. If you had told me three weeks ago he would be dead two weeks later I'd have said that was the silliest thing I'd ever heard.

So, I'll be starting this writing course http://www.institutechildrenslit.com/index.htm sometime soon, only one in five people get in so I was very happy I did. My sister in law (who is also interested in writing) did it and said she really found her writing improved.

I've also begun teaching three of my siblings a writing course my Mom has. Us kids are homeschooled.

Oh! Last month I sent out a query letter to a publisher, we'll see how that goes...

So! That's a brief update on my life at the moment, I'll write a much more detailed version of something later.

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It's been storming quite a lot lately, thunder and lightning. I like big storms and the sound of thunder cracking across the sky does something to the soul of a person.

These storms seem to be coming out of nowhere though. Just a few hours ago I went for a walk and the sun was hot. Now it's gloomy gray and raining. It seems mysterious, the colour of the world right now with the black of the trees against the sky.

Coffee Shops and Kaboodles
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Mmm, I haven't done any writing this week. I fixed the fix I was in over the story problem. The only thing is making myself sit down and concentrate. That's harder than the actual writing.

I went downtown yesterday with my aunt and two cousins, I don't get to see them very often because they live in Qatar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QatarSo We took the bus and train and headed into the city. I really like the city, I wouldn't be able to live in it for a very long time I don't think, but I love visiting it. People watching and window shopping :) That could totally be the platform for a poem :D If I could word it right... Actually, I think I could live in the city, I'd just need to be able to get out to the country every now and then.

So, we visited three museums and saw crazy-old things that muddle-up my brain and sent it whirling into the past. I had a vanilla Frappachino at a Starbucks (somewhere I go rarely) and as I was passing through the lobby I saw people sitting with their laptops and writing and I suddenly wished I lived near a Starbucks so I could do that too.

My family came back from camping and there are now people in abundance. I love my family, I do, but I also like the quiet and freedom of having the place to myself.

I am seeing http://kaboodleschmitt.livejournal.com/ Well, I'm not actually "seeing" him at this moment (he's two hours away) wish I was "seeing" him right now though… (He doesn't use that LJ much anymore, if at all, he uses this blog http://kaboodleschmitt.blogspot.com/)
He happens to be a writer, my best friend and one of the most amusing people you'll ever meet. He also possesses excellent music and reading tastes. Just ask me and I'll rant about him for as long as you're willing to listen :D

'Hem, anyway, if I can fit some writing time in this week, I'll use it.


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*Sighs heavily* Hello world.

I'm in a fix, I finished writing the eighth chapter of my second book [you don't need to remind me how late it is :/ ] and now I am writing the ninth. And I have reached a problem. It has to do with story details. Normally, I don't come across too many times where I don't know what I want to write because I used to think about a story extensively before writing it down. But these days, I think about other things and so end up with glitches in story particulars.

Also, what's with Blog Spot and Wordpress? I get this feeling that I ought to have accounts with them since there are writers and friends with blogs there that I want to keep track of and communicate with. It seems silly though, to create so many blogs. This LJ happens to be my fourth.
The first being my hotmail one from when I was 12 (we won't go there O_O) and another being my previous LJ which bothered me because of how much personal information it contained and my pointless rants. And yet another was a MySpace which was boring and had no use. I don't think it exists anymore, haven't checked in awhile...

I have this thought (it might be faulty, I am unsure) that it would be so very irresponsible of me to create so many blogs. It's not like I'm giving up on this one (far from it) I'm just not sure what I'd do with the others. My past abandoned blogs make me sad because they are dead and have ended before my life has. And what would the others be if not unused potential or an empty shell?
I could always post the same blog on all of them, but that just seems so… well, I cannot find the word.

On other news, I have the whole house mostly to myself this week! My family went camping and it's only one of my older brothers and I home. Lots of time to write :) Too much time to run into glitches :(

Anyway, what are your guys opinions of blogs and which sites do you find are the best?

eyes green alnia ace darkeyes
"Hello LJ, how are you? Haven't talked to you in awhile...I have a few lines for you."

This has potential.

The potential to ruin everything,

The potential to be perfect.


The potential to ruin me perfectly.



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I have a habit of being a bit of a perfectionist sometimes...or maybe just picky.

Like when I decide to call someone or visit a person or get something done. It’s either going to be at the exact strike of the hour, 1/4th of the way through it or half way. 8:05 won’t do, 8:20 either. It has to be 8:00, 8:15, 8:30 or 9:00.

Or, when I make a sandwich, I won’t eat just jam, there has to be butter on it too (it’s too dry otherwise) and has to be on BOTH sides.

If I have to pick a number it’ll always be even.

I like knowing that everything I own has it’s place, even if it isn’t in it’s place all the time. I know that the pile of books on the floor has a strategic place on the shelf and those clothes can be put in the cupboard colour coordinated.

But, at the same time, I’m very impatient and will rush through things like following recipes or waiting for something to happen, I’ll be reckless with things until it does.

So maybe I’m not so much a perfectionist as I am finicky.


New Website!
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Free website - Wix.com


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